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Coming from a complicated background, Jennifer was determined to make a difference in the lives of those who were once like her. Dealing with family life’s adversities, bullies at school, and low self-esteem, she struggled as a youth and as a young adult often doubting her self-worth. However, because of her faith in God and her eagerness to be successful, Jennifer worked hard and invested in herself, adding value to her personal and professional life one day at a time. Because of her childhood experiences, she has become passionate in serving the youth who do not believe in themselves, especially those who are victims of bullying. She feels that every child should know that they are valued, and it has become her mission to show and help them believe that no matter what life brings them, someone values and loves them. It is her mission to reach them one youth at a time!

Jennifer is a Christian inspirational author and a small-time entrepreneur who resides in the beautiful island of Guam with her husband, Darrin, two teenage girls; Haley and Kayla and their two furry babies; DJ and Rondo. She reads Christmas stories to her church’s ladies group each year. Two years ago she decided to write her own stories and “Believe” was born. Jennifer is also a mother of two college boys; Isaiah and Jacob. She serves as a youth and praise and worship leader at her church on Guam. She enjoys reading, singing, and watching her kids play basketball. In her spare time, you will find her with a cup of coffee in front of her laptop bringing her stories to life.

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