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A Positive Self-Image Story For Children

What do children see when they look at themselves in the mirror? Do they see beauty? Do they see strength, confidence and capabilities?

Often we take these important questions for granted. Unfortunately, many children see themselves in a negative light. Children are very critical of themselves, they compare themselves to others, and many think they are not good enough. Because of fear of failure; they are often afraid of trying new things. All this can lead to low self-esteem, anger, and even depression. 

In the book “Good Morning, Mirror!” Your children will see themselves through the eyes of a cute French bulldog named Little Frenchie. Little Frenchie will show them what POSITIVE self-talk can bring into their daily activities, such as boosting their self- esteem, give them inner strength, helps them make the right choice, and believe in themselves.  Your children will be encouraged to guard their self – talk, to think positively, to trust in their abilities and at the end, be successful in whatever they try to accomplish – having a positive self-image.
A mirror can either be your friend or your enemy-it’s up to you what it should be,” Momma explains to L.F. 


“Good Morning, Mirror! by Jennifer Senne speaks about the importance of thinking positively and advises readers to love themselves and stay positive, no matter what the situation is. The illustrations by Andra Morosan capture the essence of the book and give clarity to the concept and the author’s words. The idea of giving Mirror a personality of its own is unique and original. The story will motivate and encourage readers to think positively and have uplifting thoughts. It is a story about self-love, positive thinking, and self-belief. It is definitely a must-have and a must-read book for home use and in schools to help children realize how important it is to accept themselves and believe in themselves.” 

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite