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Wonder Mommy – A sweet tribute to mommies with chronic health conditions.

What Other Wonder Mommies Have To Say

“I just got your book in the mail today in the midst of a crushing migraine cycle and I am in tears reading it. I am a mama to a 17-month-old boy and this is everything. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for representing mamas with chronic illnesses.(particularly chronic migraine)A.P. MD

Wonder Mommy is such a darling book! Although I do not have a chronic illness, as a mother of 3 little children I definitely related to this book because some days are just plain hard even when you’re healthy! The illustrations are so realistic and capture what it’s like to be home with children, and the tone of the book serves as a great lesson for children. It teaches them to be compassionate and caring for others, well also learning to enjoy the simple things. The daughter’s character does a great job at identifying when her wonder mommy needs help or rest, but she’s also able to highlight all the fun ways she and her mommy can still interact. I read this book with my 6-year-old twin boys and at the end they asked if they could call me wonder mommy because they felt it was a really sweet word.

The author does a great job at explaining the difficulties of parenting with a chronic illness and provides excellent examples for other parents and children in this same situation, or similar, to follow. I also appreciate the facts page included in this book that serves as great resources for others.N.G. NY

“I just read your book while holding my less than 2 week old newborn, so it is incredibly relevant in my life right now. It is a perfect 10. I thought it was incredible (this cannot be understated), and definitely brought tear to my eyes. Then I read it again and cried again. This is going to help so many children understand that even though their mom is different and her needs change day by day, they are still loved the same. I also LOVE the style of the illustrations.” J.B. USA

What a beautifully written story with colourful illustrations that myself and eight year old really enjoyed. It’s a lovely book with a strong message spreading awareness of chronic illness and how those Mum’s and children who are affected are not alone. Definitely one to keep on the book shelf.Charlie UK

“I love how this book is so honest about Mom’s battles with chronic illness but is still so positive and encouraging.
A great resource for any parent who has a chronic illness to share with their child.
But it’s also good for other children to understand about chronic illness and how it can impact someone’s life. The illustrations are cute and fun. I would highly recommend this book
.” Sarah K. UK

I so enjoyed this book. I loved the lyrical rhyme, and vibrant illustration colours. I am a Mom/ Grandmother with a chronic illness, and it was like reading the story of my life.This is the first book I have found that speaks to parenting with a chronic illness. It’s message will help and inspire so many.
Anyone parenting with a chronic illness is definitely a Wonder Mommy
I love the illustrations of all the sweet things Mom and daughter do together. We push through. It takes incredible strength, as is beautifully illustrated in this book
.Great job Jennifer. You are a Wonder Mommy, and in my eyes Wonder WomanL.P. Canada

A Story of Faith Restored and The True Meaning of Christmas

 “God uses ordinary people—a child—to show He cares and loves us. All we need to do is to have faith and believe.”  US Reader

Believe shows the readers the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of Isaac as he relates his story about the best Christmas gift he had ever received. Find out how a boy’s simple gesture transformed a man’s life and end up believing again. A story about believing, forgiving, caring, and faith.

Children are often exposed to so much negativity that they end up believing them. Don’t let negative self-talk ruin your children’s chances of success in life. Help them to boost their self-confidence, by talking to themselves in a positive way. 
Good Morning, Mirror is a positive self-image book that will aid children to guard their self-talk and help them realize how capable and amazing they truly are.  

“A mirror can either be your friend or your enemy,” excerpt from the book

Join Little Frenchie as she shares with your children how she won the battle with negative self-talk. 

Happy Readers 🙂

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