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Wonder Mommy – A sweet tribute to mommies with chronic health conditions.

Believe 2nd Edition

A Story of Faith Restored and The True Meaning of Christmas

 “God uses ordinary people—a child—to show He cares and loves us. All we need to do is to have faith and believe.”  US Reader

Believe shows the readers the true meaning of Christmas through the eyes of Isaac as he relates his story about the best Christmas gift he had ever received. Find out how a boy’s simple gesture transformed a man’s life and end up believing again. A story about believing, forgiving, caring, and faith.

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“A mirror can either be your friend or your enemy,” excerpt from the book

Children are often exposed to so much negativity that they end up believing them. Don’t let negative self-talk ruin your children’s chances of success in life. Help them to boost their self-confidence, by talking to themselves in a positive way. 
Good Morning, Mirror is a positive self-image book that will aid children to guard their self-talk and help them realize how capable and amazing they truly are.  

Join Little Frenchie as she shares with your children how she won the battle with negative self-talk. 

Happy Readers 🙂

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