Women In My Life

International Women’s Day

In the spirit of International Women’s day, I want to thank these beautifully souled women. These women have contributed to who I am today. They are women who are unafraid to stand up for what they believe in yet conduct everything with humility. They are women who value giving even when they barely have anything to share. They find ways to uplift by serving and caring for others. They are unafraid to live life to the fullest, and togetherness is vital to their being. These women are funny. Joy and laughter are key ingredients to any gathering; it is part of their DNA. However, when someone is downhearted or ill, they are always ready to provide service and comfort. 

I love that these women find every reason to celebrate; whether for themselves or others, they commemorate friends, family, and community unapologetically. They will boldly share someone’s success with the world no matter what others may say. They are genuinely happy for everyone, and jealousy is far from their mind. 

These women value the importance of family. They value communication and connection. No matter where they are, the family strings are always within reach. They celebrate when someone accomplishes something and mourn when someone experiences a loss – even from a distance. What’s important to them is that they go through these events together. They appreciate sentiments, cherishing every moment and preserving them by taking photos of every occasion, ensuring they can return to them later, reminisce, and be thankful for their experiences. Finally, these women value lineage and hold family customs close to heart. They are always ready to tell stories about their ancestors and humble beginnings, keeping them alive for generations.

These women have taught me so many valuable things as a woman:

  • They taught me to value family.
  •  To have a forgiving heart.
  • To laugh more. As someone has said, “Laughter is the best medicine.” There is so much truth to that. 
  • Have fun!
  • To celebrate everything, anything, and anyone unapologetically.
  • They taught me to uplift and appreciate others.
  • To be generous – ready to give and serve.
  • To be authentic and not be afraid of who I am.
  • To cherish every moment and capture and preserve memories.
  • Finally, they taught me to love not only myself but to love others unconditionally.

To my mother, Rosalie Cabganot Clark, and her sisters, Ruth Fulido, Ruby Mascarinas, Rosemary Areola, and Ressa Cabagnot, the women in my life, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Happy International Women’s Day!

 Remembering: Victoria “Mama Baby” Cabagnot, a remarkable woman.

Special mention to the Sagrado sisters, especially Auntie Lina Sagrado, who taught me valuable lessons as a teen which molded me into the woman I am today. I still remember, and I thank you!

Happy International Women’s Day!


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