Hugs and Kisses

Today I brought her home,
my sweet little baby.
In the cradle I laid her
oh, ever so gently.

I promise hugs and kisses
will always be my way
to show her love and affection
every single day.

I stepped out of the room,
slowly without noise.
I looked back and whispered,
“I love you” in a hushed voice.

Only minutes had passed,
but my heart says, go back
to see how she’s doing,
make sure she’s on her back.

She looks like an angel
sleeping oh, so peacefully
and there I stood watching,
my sweet little baby.

An amazing Father
from the heaven above
has blessed our family
with an angel to love.

Now I’m holding her hand
as she takes her first step.
I am right there behind her
in case of a misstep.

One day, she decided
that today was the day.
No more kisses for mommy
I didn’t know what to say.

She saw the look in my eye
and said, “mom, a hug will do.”
I was taken by surprise
I thought, “Oh, boy, this is new!”

Then our hug was replaced
with a wave of a hand.
“Hugs are not cool,” she said
I’m not sure I understand

You are growing way too fast,
can you please stop and pause?
Give mom hugs and kisses
simply just because.

Seems like it was yesterday;
she was right behind me.
Now she’s finding her way,
as a brave young lady.

Where has the time gone?
I’m not sure I can hold on.
My little baby girl
facing the world on her own.

Today she’s leaving home
to find her destiny.
So ready to face life
oh, so courageously!

I could not help but wonder,
has it come down to this?
Is she going to leave mom
without a hug or a kiss?

I hope that she remembers
wherever she may go
that my hugs and kisses
will always overflow.

She stopped to look at me,
“Oh sweet Momma,” she said
as she hugged me in her arms
and kissed me on my forehead.

She hugged me so tightly
and whispered in my ear,
“hugs and kisses we have
will never ever stop here.

I will always remember
everything you have taught me,
and please don’t ever forget,
I will always be your baby.

And though we’re miles apart
in the wind rides my kiss
Your hug lives in my heart
always remember this”.

I thank God for my life,
full of love, and blisses.
I thank God for my baby;
and for all the hugs and kisses.

Dedicated to my lovely daughters, Haley and Kayla

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