Beautiful pain

Beauty and simplicity
compassion and love
These you were created
Thankful that you are

Some decided to be
Some tried as they can
The ultimate decision
Only comes from One

Photo by luizclas on

You gave up your self
for another to form
heartbeat you share
with another soul

You welcome the pain,
As you carried a being
giving up your comfort
making your body a safe haven

Laughing one moment
in a split second, tears fall
One day you are high
and then you are low

It must be confusing
when things are uncertain
but with arms wide open
you welcomed them all

Composure and confidence
Now filled with anxiety
A plethora of mixed emotions,
happiness and fear

Everything is changing
it is fearful I’m sure
but with grace you carried them
full of the love of the unknown

Uncertain about everything
but somehow anticipating
for that day to arrive
when you finally meet

Oh, this beautiful baby
so many adore
many don’t understand
the sacrifices of them all

Photo by Pixabay on

To endure such pain
is simply a beauty
to be called a mother
is the reward of it all

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