Insecurity – A Silent Killer

See yourself for who you were created to be; a beautiful masterpiece.

I was never good with compliments, especially when I hear someone tell me I’m beautiful, I used to ask myself, “Are they blind?” Honestly, I still do. I would look in the mirror and try to see what they see, and for some reason, I fail to recognize it. What happened to me? Why can’t I see what others see?

I hated having my photos taken because of the way I saw myself. I used to hide every time the family photos were taken. Now, there are selfies everywhere! I would try it and try it, but then delete and delete it! Yes, you are right, I have low self-esteem; well, I had very low self-esteem, but I worked through it and continue to do so every day.

“Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I am a recovering insecure person.” 

“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and, most importantly, a beautiful soul.” – Anonymous

Beauty that we see in photos is all superficial, but most of the time, the insecurities go deeper and hidden. I’m sure some of you can relate. There is so many photo application out there to fix one’s flaws or change an appearance altogether; everything to make one look beautiful in their eyes. I am guilty of that. I have tried filters to cover my flaws, and most of the time, there is nothing wrong with that; however, the danger is in failing to see one’s true beauty.

“Beauty is the opposite of perfection – it’s about confidence, charisma, and character.” – Anonymous

Insecurity affects more than physical attributes. Insecurity hindered my progress in life, blocked my ambitions, it told me that I could not be who I wanted to be. Insecurities affected my relationships; it clouded the way I viewed myself; It killed my dreams. 

Insecurity is debilitating and a hindrance to one’s personal growth, professional productivity, and success in life. Many suffer from it, and unfortunately, this is prevalent even in our children and teens today. Insecurity is a silent killer, and we must be careful and address it when we see it. I suffered from it very early in life, and I wish I knew how this would affect me as an adult.

Many of our youth today believe that they have to look perfect. Some, unfortunately, suffer from insecurity so severely that it affects our youth’s everyday life, including their physical, emotional, and mental health. They tend to compare themselves to others, to be prettier, or to be skinnier than everyone else. They look for beauty in the wrong places. They seem to have a false perception of what being beautiful is. Some become bullies to compensate for how they truly feel inside, and some become victims of bullies because they do not see their real value. Insecurity can be dangerous in both scenarios.

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” – SteveFurtick

It took me a while to realize that beauty does not come from perfection. It does not solely come from looking good, though there is absolutely nothing wrong in trying to look good if it gives you confidence in life. In fact, I encourage it. I believe that when you dress up and look good, it can provide a boost of confidence. However, one must be careful not to depend on merely looking good to boost their self-esteem. This is false confidence.  

It took a while for me to understand what being beautiful is, where I can find it, and how I can reveal it. It took me a while to realize that I am beautiful. We are all created uniquely in the image of God. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. We were given abilities and talents that make us all beautiful in different ways. I was wonderfully made by my creator, and in that, I can rejoice.

I am beautifully made, and I should see it every day and be grateful for it! Therefore, I will be bold and claim that I am beautiful, not in a superficial image, but beautifully made creation by a magnificent artist. He created me in His own image; therefore, I am beautiful the way I am! Insecurity should not exist because God made me beautiful, able, and capable! 

“True beauty in an individual is reflected in their own soul.” – Audrey Hepburn

You might say, “that’s easier said than done!” You are absolutely correct! It is easier said than done, but it doesn’t mean that we must accept insecurities in our lives. It doesn’t mean that insecurities should live and subconsciously dominate inside us. I think a little insecurity can be humbling, but we must be guarded and make sure that it doesn’t consume us. It did me at some point, and the result wasn’t pretty. 

“The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.” – Maya Angelou

Overcoming insecurity is very difficult, especially if it has taken residence in one’s heart for a very long time. This is why it is imperative that we intentionally communicate the importance of seeing true beauty to ourselves and, most notably, to our younger generation. The earlier, the better. Children must-see, not the superficial but their true inner beauty. They need to know that they were created beautifully, able, and capable. When they feel beautiful inside, it will reflect on the outside. When we see our true beauty and value in life, everything is within reach, and fear will take the backseat. Insecurity is a silent killer, but true beauty is powerful. Focus on the beauty not the beast in you.

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See yourself for who you were created to be. Believe in yourself and live a life full of beauty. When you see the beauty in you, you see the beauty in others, and all that surrounds you.

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