They Are Not My type, So I thought!

I see them everywhere lurking around, trying to get my attention. Some are gorgeous, I must admit, but I cannot see myself having a life with any of them. “They are sweet and lovable,” I often hear others say, “Thank you, but they are not my type,” my quick reply to them.

One day, I saw him from afar, and his dark and tantalizing eyes caught me by surprise. He wasn’t gorgeous, but something about him was charming.
An odd feeling came over me, but I quickly shook it off; it can never be, he is not my type.

I saw him again a few days later, and I sensed something about him that was quite intriguing; what it was, I did not know. I saw an evident charm that drew me into him; “Could I be?” I asked myself, attracted to him, that is. His gaze seeped deep into my soul, and at that moment, something inside me changed; “should I?” I did!

I decided to give him a chance to get to know me, or perhaps it was the other way around. I gave myself a chance to get to know him. I let my guards down and allowed him to court me and court me he did!

He showed me affection I never thought his type possessed. He had a look in his eyes that captivated me, making me stop whatever I was doing. Instead, I was compelled to spend time with him. It didn’t take long; he made me searched deep into my sanity and asked, “am I falling in love with him?”

He jumped to settle on my lap as if he’s done it before. His alluring eyes met with mine, and there was nothing I could do but return his affection. I picked him up, drew him close, so close to me that I could feel his heart beating; it was overwhelming! He rolled on his back; he stretches his legs; showing me the cutest paws I’ve ever seen! He claimed his territory; he felt at home. I couldn’t help but smile.

For the first time, I heard him purr; it was a sound of satisfaction not only for him, but surprisingly, I shared his sentiment. No, I did not purr. He closed his eyes and curled into deep sleep. I felt his body quiver in comfort as if saying, this is where I belong. Suddenly something magical happened as I watched this precious guy sleep peacefully on my lap; I fell in love.

For the first time, I fell in love with a kitten, yes, a kitten! He has the most gorgeous black fur with specks of grey that almost shines in the light. He possesses the most dazzling yellow eyes with intensity like the sun. He is irrefutably handsome! He has an undeniably prodigious personality that can go from being in charge of everything to total helpless submission. Yes, he can be annoying and demanding at times, but what cat isn’t?

I delight in watching him chase a ball, tossing it everywhere and, at times struggling to get it off his claws. I enjoy watching him jump for the feather I dangle in front of him. I love to see him crouch down like a tiger ready to catch its prey, but for him, he is merely playing, trying to snatch the dog’s tail. I am fascinated by his curiosity as he goes from one area to another, checking everything in his environment; he is quite intelligent!

I enjoy every moment with him! I never thought I could fall in love with a cat. I was gravely mistaken about them. Yes, cats are lovable! Yes, cats are sweet! Yes, I fell in love with a cat, and his name is Kula!

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