Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com

What is Love?

What is love without respect?
Respect comes from love.
Can there be respect without love?

What is love without compassion?
Compassion derives from love.
Can one be compassionate and not show love?

What is love without kindness?
Kindness trickles from love.
Can kindness exist without love?

What is love without honesty?
Honesty is a result of love.
Can one be truthful and not have love?

What is love?

Where does love reside?
Is it in me? Is it in you?
Is it a feeling, can you tell?
Would you know when it leaves you?

“Love conquers all,” people say.
Is love enough then?
Can one survive with love alone?
Or will one die from not knowing?

We all need love
We need to love all
we need to be loved
Do we even know how?

What is love?

Love is what I want
love is what I need
Love is my being
Love is what I am.

If you can see inside my heart
You’ll realize that love is real
For the one who knows love
Is the one who can feel

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