Amanda Phelan

Amanda is a Psychotherapist, Watercolor Artist, Mama, and Chronic Migraine warrior from Frederick, Maryland. Although Amanda has always loved to express herself through writing and poetry, she recently discovered watercolor painting as another way to work through chronic pain due to her Migraine disease and has found much healing in its process. She owns an Etsy Shop, The Artful Bee Studio (@theartfulbeestudio), where she sells her work. Several of which donate a portion of the proceeds to the American Migraine Foundation or Mental Health Charities.

Amanda has been battling chronic illnesses including autoimmune disease, Endometriosis, and Migraine for over 15 years. She has had Chronic Migraine for the last 6 years and has become passionate about education and advocacy related to Migraine as she’s battled many gaps in her own care due to Migraine being one of the world’s most underfunded diseases. She completed the Emerging Advocate Program for the American Migraine Foundation and is a regular contributor for The Mighty, which is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities. You can check out some of her essays by following her account at @agphelan.

One of the hardest parts of her Migraine journey has been a difficult pregnancy and ongoing battles in navigating chronic illness in parenthood, but becoming a mother has also been the biggest joy of her life.

“And my body, although it often feels like it often betrays me, is strong. I am strong. And you, my sweet baby boy, are everything I’ve ever wanted. You are sunshine and rainbows and joy incarnate. And I will never take for granted that my body, albeit difficult and not without enormous struggle, did something incredible. It brought you into this world and I am forever grateful.”

–Amanda Phelan, LCSW-C

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